From the very beginning, Lusis has been committed to providing mission critical systems built to address the latest challenge facing the market. From its inception TANGO has been built to provide a state of the art technology, offering a modern, integrated infrastructure that is highly performant and highly efficient, while its genuine service-oriented architecture significantly reduces development time and cost. 


The core principles of TANGO’s architecture provide the maximum flexibility regarding choice of platform, database, and operating environment, making the payment system of the future available today. Fundamental to our core principles is the desire to invent, not to follow, allowing us and our clients the opportunity to innovate, be flexible to the fast changing market and truly be a market leader.  


Lusis has been involved in several research programs, these studies have led the French government to empower Lusis to conduct research on behalf of other companies. Lusis is fully certified to PCI PA DSS v2.0 standards having achieved a 100% PASS rating in June 2013.