Today’s climate puts immense pressure on organisations.  Around the world financial institutions have never been under so much pressure: regulation is increasing and customers are demanding improved service with ever more emphasis on convenience and simplicity. In short, pressure is coming from all aspects of the card payment value chain.

Studies have suggested that financial institutions are struggling to split their budgets appropriately.  In many cases at least 85% of IT spend on retail payment systems is linked to maintenance and mandate uplifts. A very small proportion of the money spent delivers new features, functions or value for the operating organisation.

At face value, the demands – reduce costs, increase security, attract and retain clients – seem contradictory. Yet they are real and have to be achieved.

TANGO releases the pressure on organisations and provides the availability and transaction assuredness that is a fundamental of a payments system. TANGO provides the flexibility and adaptability to address the business challenges that operators of such systems face in the rapidly moving world of the 21st Century.